Considerations and Costs in Selecting an Architect
for a Residential Custom Build

Designing a new home involves a systematic progression, including pre-planning, budgeting, land and lot considerations, design preferences, fit and finishes, and building specifications. At Danleigh Homes, we manage all of these processes and considerations in an organized and cost-effective manner.

Initial Considerations in Designing a New Home

When initiating your home design journey, consider the following:

  • Do you already have a plan or architectural design in mind, or do you require full-service design services?
  • Do you need assistance in locating, evaluating, and contracting on a homesite?
  • What are your budget and affordability goals, and what financing mechanisms will you utilize?

Budgeting and Pre-Planning

The initial steps include clear determinations about your design goals and your target budget. Furthermore, it’s not just about the architectural design but also how it complements the physical characteristics of the homesite you’re considering. It’s easy to design a home that doesn’t meet your budget. Hence, your first step is to determine the must-have features in your design and those that are discretionary and not a top priority.

Architect Compensation: Costs and Variables

Architects’ fees vary greatly, depending on the scope and complexity of the work. Hourly fees can range between $100 – $200 or more. Conventional design processes involving multiple meetings can lead to fees of over $20,000 – $30,000. Some architects focus on high-end designs where the fit and finishes are extremely detailed, while others may lean more towards draftsmanship without a high degree of creative input.

Homesite and Related Costs

During budgeting, homesite improvement costs should be considered. Factors like clearing and grading costs, utilities, sediment control, driveway installation, storm water management, permit and public fees, and more, should all be evaluated.

The Ideal Scenario: Coordinated Design Effort

A critical element in the process is a clear understanding of these considerations and a system to create a design. This needs to be done within the budget without compromising those design elements and features that are essential.

Simplify Your Home Building Journey with Danleigh Homes

Navigating the complexities of designing and building your dream home can be challenging. At Danleigh Homes, we simplify the journey with our comprehensive plan that combines all services into one seamless, cost-effective solution.

Don’t let the challenges of home design deter your dream home vision. Reach out to our dedicated design team now for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Get personalized insights about our tailored processes designed to bring your dream home to life. We’re just a call away!