Build a New Home or Buy an Existing Home:
What’s the Best Choice?

Have you experienced the tension of whether to build new or buy existing? Today’s real estate environment has encouraged those in the market to make a move to seriously consider building new. For some reasons outlined below, there are a number of legitimate reasons to build new. At Danleigh Homes, we can provide you with options to meet your targeted goals, budgets, and do so with a new home in an ideal location. Consider the following.

Modern Designs and the Opportunity to Design-Build

Today’s latest fits and finishes are incorporated into newly constructed homes. You can design a unique new custom home or choose from a Danleigh Homes’ design. In either case, you can incorporate features that best suit your needs. In doing so, you’ll be guided through pre-planning and budgeting first. Then, you’ll explore the array of designs that best work for your situation.

Your Choice of Location

Location, location, location determines your access to amenities, recreation, work, shopping, entertainment, and proximity to family and friends. Those are the broader aspects of the location. Then, consider the homesite’s specific features, including topography, home orientation, the ability to capitalize on outdoor living, etc. Danleigh Homes is currently building on wonderful community settings on acreage lots, and our team is constantly researching lot and land opportunities to consider. In an existing home, inevitably, there is some sort of compromise in an effort to find the perfect location.

Avoid the Constant Bidding War on an Existing Home

In today’s market, there are incredibly low inventories. So, when a home comes up for sale in a desirable location, you have to be prepared for a multiple-contract bidding war environment. That means you must also be prepared to pay a much higher price in keeping with a high number of bidders. In building a new home, you avoid all of that hassle. You simply identify where you want to be and what you want to build and commence the process. There’s no need to compete.

High-Quality Materials

In building new, you can also expect to benefit from high-quality materials and modern technology, inside and out. Many natural and engineered materials are designed for longevity and peak performance throughout a new home. Building standards are incorporated and inspected to ensure the highest quality and workmanship. For example, buying an existing home, in all likelihood, will not have a fire suppression sprinkler system, whereas your new home will incorporate that as a standard feature.

Updated Energy Efficiency

Modern energy efficiency is an integral part of the equation in building a new custom home. Elements that make a home energy-efficient include insulation, minimizing air infiltration, the HVAC system, the hot water system, lighting type, and more. Your new Danleigh Home is significantly more efficient than some older houses with older, antiquated building standards.

Warranty Benefits in New Construction

Your newly constructed home comes with a 10-year structural warranty. Additionally, mechanical elements of the home, including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, have extended warranties. Warranties on the elements of the home include manufacturer warranties as well. The purchase of an existing home with older used facilities is not subject to such warranty perks.

Ready to build your dream home with Danleigh Homes?

Contact us today and let our team guide you through the process of designing and building a new custom home tailored to your needs and preferences.